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Magic of wood fire

Welcome to HK’s Wood Fired Restaurant in Navsari, Gujarat, where menu explores of Italian tastes. Rated as a one of the best  restaurant in  Navsari, this restaurant have best chef whose culinary skills offering the genuine taste of Italian food.

Fine dining restaurant in Navsari serving authentic Indian and oriental cuisine.A popular choice among families in Navsari, it offers the perfect combination of ambience and delicacy.

At the Hare Krishna Hotel Banquet Hall, we very well know how important it is to make your day  special to remember, if out standing facilties and faultless services guarantee that your event will be nothing short of spectacular.

Versatile Event Spaces

We at our restaurant take great pleasure in making pizzas that stand out from the crowd. Our very thin crust is the ideal medium for a variety of delectable toppings. Every pizza slice is a rich of flavors, from the classic Margherita with its perfect balance of tomato, mozzarella, and basil to the more daring Mushroom and Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Our pizzas are unique because they are baked in a wood-fired oven, which gives the crust a distinct smokey flavor and crispiness while also enhancing the dining experience.

Pasta Perfection

Without pasta, an Italian supper wouldn’t be complete, and we have a delicious variety that will definitely get to your palate. Savor a dish of rich, creamy Pasta Alfredo that is flavored with garlic and Parmesan cheese. Alternatively, go for something tastier, like our ravioli filled with spinach and cheese and served in a light tomato cream sauce. Every pasta dish is made with the best ingredients and cooked to absolute perfection, guaranteeing that every bite will melt in your mouth.

Risotto Dishes

Our risotto recipes are sure to please individuals who are looking for comfort in a bowl. Our risottos are a true flavour of love, made with premium brown rice and cooked slowly to obtain the proper consistency. Every spoonful is a monument to the culinary expertise of Italy, whether you go for the rich and creamy version or a heartier one.

Perfect combination of ambience and delicacy

Enjoy a memorable dining experience in our classic ambiance, where soothing colors and warm decor set the mood.Our warm and welcoming atmosphere is the perfect setting for guests to relax and savor our delectable cuisine.

Best Family Restaurant in Navsari

Best family restaurant, promising treasured memories and mouthwatering food offering offer the perfect environment for families to get together and spend quality time over delectable meals with our cozy and welcoming ambiance.


Our friendly staff makes sure that you have amazing dining experience, our family restaurant is the ideal location, whether it’s for a memorable event or a relaxed evening dinner.

HK's Wood Fired Restaurant

HK’s Wood Fired Restaurant has long been a favorite among food lovers in Navsari who want to enjoy the most authentic Italian and Oriental flavours.

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