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Welcome To Hare Krishna Hotel

At Hare Krishna Hotel, we extend a heartfelt welcome to our guests, offering a blend of exceptional hospitality, exquisite dining, and versatile event spaces. Whether you’re seeking a delightful culinary experience or planning a memorable event, our hotel and banquet halls are here to fulfill your every need.

We specialize in delivering unparalleled service and maximizing profitability for our esteemed clients.

We are dedicated to redefining the standards of hospitality management. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to innovation.

Hare Krishna Hotel has a huge event space, guest accommodation, external décor vendors, the best catering service to serve you highest quality food and enough parking space for cars of your guests. Along with all these, we also guarantee 24/7 power supply and Wi-F among other things, in order to make your time spent with us hassle free.

Apart from wedding ceremonies and other related events, you can also book Hare Krishna Hotel’s Banquet Hall for various festivities and get the most out of it.